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Who can apply for shelter?

Individuals and families experiencing homelessness who have resided in our five-county service area (see illustration at right) for at least the past 30 days are eligible to stay at Gateway House.

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Gateway House can provide shelter for up to 17 people at a time. Residents receive shelter, food, personal care and hygiene items, as well as case management, advocacy, referral services and assistance in securing long-term housing. In addition, our program offers in-house training to help with life-skills, job readiness, financial and budgeting skills, and more. GHC also works closely with other service providers in the area to ensure that residents have access to all programs necessary to help them rebuild their lives.

Services Provided

ready to apply?

Individuals and families in need of assistance must complete a short application for residency at Gateway House. Applications can be filled out online (see application below), over the phone, or in-person at the shelter.

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